Supporting Reece's Rainbow

May 30, 2011

Laurie @ For Heaven's Sake is having a garage sale this weekend to raise funds to support Reece's Rainbow. She and her son, Nevin, have committed to raise $5000 for Cyril K.

Is he not adorable?? 

Perhaps you are his family...

My job is to make key fobs for her to sell. 

A goal for the future is to make other small sewing items for her to sell online and to have a baby quilt (or two) to sell via silent auction. 

I'll keep you posted on those details when the time comes. =) 

Eidt: Here is another way you can help Laurie earn money for Cyril...Purchase a 


  1. Beautiful key fobs for a beautiful reason!!

  2. Your key fobs are gorgeous! I love that you are making them for such wonderful kids. Wish I was closer to pick one up.


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