Simple Vintage Sheet quilt

May 2, 2011

It's super soft and so much prettier in person.

I think it's sweet...

It's for my Casey, if she wants it. =)

PS...She wanted it...=)


  1. It's really beautiful and very soft looking. Love the spring fabrics:)

  2. Oh how fun! And I recognize a sheet that I used to have~ it's the one with the violets! Glad she wanted it!

  3. Amy, This is a nice Summer weight. Looks light and cheery. Most of my quilts have so much weight to them. I need to think about the weight from now on. Chris

  4. so soft with subtle fabric changes...I love the feel of vintage sheets :) I couldn't imagine her NOT wanting it!

  5. This quilt is absolutely lovely and very "Shabby Chic" in my opinion! I love it. I have sheets to make a quilt or two (LOL), but I have yet to start amid the craziness.

    I'd love to make one for my Mom and Dad to use in the summer and one for us to use as well. Maybe I will start one soon and just see where it goes. Simple piecing is like therapy!

    What size is this one?

  6. Jan, it measured 72" x 88".

    I have a lot of squares left over from this one. I'm going to add a few more from other sheets I have and make one for me, too. I really like how it turned out. =)

  7. What a lovely quilt! I would never have thought of using sheets to make a quilt... and if she wants a matching pillowslip, I have one that matches the bottom block with the pink and blue flowers.

  8. OOOOOoooo!!! PRETTY. I love the diagonal quilting...wish I could do that so sweet looking.



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