Purse Makeover

May 10, 2011

Last weekend, I bought myself a new purse at the Pella Tulip Time Festival

I loved every thing about it except for one thing...The shoulder straps. Too narrow and too short since I  I prefer cross body bags. 

Enter new strap made from fabric in my stash. The new strap has d rings on the ends, recycled from another bag that I tossed a long time ago. You can see them in the next picture.

It was scary cutting the old straps off, but I had plans for them so I screwed up my courage squeezed my eyes shut and went for it. {snip}

Next I folded what was left of the old handle under and sewed it down at the top. There was a lot of layers to get through, however, my Juki handled it like a champ. I just took it nice and easy. 

The old strap then became a loop on the sides of the purse to connect the d ring to. Again, a lot of layers to go through, but my Juki did a great job.

And the other part of the left over strap went into making a key chain wrist strap. 

Ta-da! New purse! =D


  1. I think it worked out well. Chris

  2. great idea!!! and great job. i love the keychain!

  3. You are so clever!
    Great job!! :o)

  4. Well done!! Excellent idea!! And I think your "brand new" Singer is a beauty!!

  5. You are a genious! Pretty purse.


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