May 13, 2011




A HUGE thank you to Michelle @ Life With Lou who told me about the garage sale that's happening tomorrow and encouraged me to call to get the info on the 301A today. All who are looking for this beauty tomorrow will be disappointed because it came home with me! Woot!! 

I'd love to find a cabinet for her...


  1. Boy oh boy. Hang onto that one. Others would kill for it. Have fun with it. Chris

  2. Amy, there are going to be people calling you names tomorrow! LOL! It feels good to be on the receiving end sometimes, huh? How many times have you had your heart set on something only to 'duke it out' with someone to try to win it, or arrived too late.

    I'm so glad this machine turned out so well for you. She is a beauty, and you got an amazing deal.

    Thank you for helping us tonight. My machine and cabinet will stay in the back of the van until at least tomorrow evening, but I am so glad I got it!

    Hope you had fun tonight. I'm pooped!

  3. Early bird, early bird!!! Enjoy.

    blessings, jilly

  4. Congrats that you achive this beauty!!
    I'm looking also for such a lovely old machine but was not lucky so far.
    So i can imaging your happyness :-)


  5. Amy , this is indeed a treasure...and it works fine?

  6. A real treasure! I love these along with the Featherweights. I own about four of them!

  7. OOOooo...I have a 301 and she's my favorite machine. A friend that works on machines for a living suggested one for me and I found her at an antique store on sale because they couldn't "fix the slant of the needle"...$10!

  8. I just saw this accessory case at at yard sale Saturday...nice machine and blog!! thanks...I too am a Christian quilter!!

  9. What a great find! Congats!! Can't wait to see what you make on this baby.

  10. I can't breathe for you! I'd have died on the spot. What a wonderful prize, for sure. Wonderful treasure...enjoy!

  11. Oh My Word!! How sweet she is!! I am a little bit late seeing this but Oh My!! do you use her?....sweet!


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