Supporting Reece's Rainbow

May 30, 2011

Laurie @ For Heaven's Sake is having a garage sale this weekend to raise funds to support Reece's Rainbow. She and her son, Nevin, have committed to raise $5000 for Cyril K.

Is he not adorable?? 

Perhaps you are his family...

My job is to make key fobs for her to sell. 

A goal for the future is to make other small sewing items for her to sell online and to have a baby quilt (or two) to sell via silent auction. 

I'll keep you posted on those details when the time comes. =) 

Eidt: Here is another way you can help Laurie earn money for Cyril...Purchase a 

I'm home...

May 28, 2011

What a great vacation! South Dakota is beautiful! I had no idea....You can see a few pictures over at my family blog, A Redeemed Sheep.

We hit at least 7 quilt stores over the course of the week. Two stops really stand out and I want to make sure they get a special shout out. One is in Rapid City, SD called Fabric City and The Sewing Center. We showed up 30 minutes before closing and they graciously allowed me to stay late as I drooled shopped in their beautiful store. The store was just a few blocks from our hotel, but how I heard about it was from Moneik, a new blog reader, who posted here to tell me about it. Not only did I love the store, but I got to meet Moneik face to face that night!! That's what I love about the blogging world, meeting and making new friends. =)

The other shop was in Custer, SD called The Quilt Shop, which is owned by Sue Kortum. She is also a longarmer and I got to see some of her work. She is very talented! We ended up staying at her shop for well over an hour visiting with Sue. It was like talking with a long lost friend. =) I grabbed up a jelly roll of Bliss from her store. Woot! If you are in the area, she had several layer cakes and charm packs of Bliss, as well.

Here are a few pictures of the fabric I added to my stash this vacation....

I also found this little lady in a junk store for $15. I'm afraid we got a little too over zealous cleaning her up and some of her pretty detail work on the bed got damaged. =( I'm trying not to stress over it after having a whole week of no anxiety at all! I don't like feeling anxious and want to stay as anxious free as possible. She will still look pretty on a shelf in my sewing room.  

I am hopelessly behind in blog reading. We only had internet if we were in the lobby. So, I closed my eyes tight and hit read all in my reader. Feeling behind makes me feel anxious...

Anxiety = bad. Relaxed = good.   

That was the big lesson this vacation for me....

Home Sweet Home

A perfect vacation....

with lots of love and care from my family when I had a migraine...

 and enjoying God's beautiful creation as a family...

knowing I am loved more than I can even fathom by a godly man given to me as a good gift from God...

and rejoicing that we are looking foreword together for that day of Christ's glorious return.

What is this? ~ Update!

May 19, 2011

I think Gail, who is anonymous, has figured out the mystery! It's a stocking darner like the one found here. Way cool! Thanks, Gail!!

Casey bought me a sewing chest at a garage sale and inside of it was this thing...

The spring comes off and the hooks move. 

What in the world is it? Does anyone know??

Vacationing very soon

I love the beauty of homeschooling. Not only can we go on vacation while the public schools are still in session, but it's fun when what has been learned in history turns into a vacation destination: The Black Hills and the Badlands. Based on what Mitchell studied this year, he and his dad planned the whole vacation. 

I am so excited to see these gorgeous displays of God's glory with my own eyes!!

Vacation time

We will be leaving on vacation very soon. Packing, getting caught up on laundry, keeping the house picked up, has been the order of my days instead of sewing. 

I have been assured I will see a quilt store or two on our travels to the Badlands and the beautiful Black Hills. =)

See you when we get back! 


May 13, 2011




A HUGE thank you to Michelle @ Life With Lou who told me about the garage sale that's happening tomorrow and encouraged me to call to get the info on the 301A today. All who are looking for this beauty tomorrow will be disappointed because it came home with me! Woot!! 

I'd love to find a cabinet for her...

Purse Makeover

May 10, 2011

Last weekend, I bought myself a new purse at the Pella Tulip Time Festival

I loved every thing about it except for one thing...The shoulder straps. Too narrow and too short since I  I prefer cross body bags. 

Enter new strap made from fabric in my stash. The new strap has d rings on the ends, recycled from another bag that I tossed a long time ago. You can see them in the next picture.

It was scary cutting the old straps off, but I had plans for them so I screwed up my courage squeezed my eyes shut and went for it. {snip}

Next I folded what was left of the old handle under and sewed it down at the top. There was a lot of layers to get through, however, my Juki handled it like a champ. I just took it nice and easy. 

The old strap then became a loop on the sides of the purse to connect the d ring to. Again, a lot of layers to go through, but my Juki did a great job.

And the other part of the left over strap went into making a key chain wrist strap. 

Ta-da! New purse! =D

A GREAT question...

May 9, 2011

Patti @ A Perfect Lily, asked a great question on her blog in honor of Mother's Day...

As a mom, what do you wish others knew about Down syndrome?

I am not a mom with a child with Down syndrome, but my BFF Laurie is, and through her son, I have been richly blessed by his gift of Down syndrome. Laurie answered that question, along with many, many other mom's who are blessed to have the gift of a child with Down syndrome. 

Warning: tissue alert. =)

Mother's Day

May 8, 2011

My mother-in-love, Mathena. Note: she is not taller than I am. Just sayin'. She received the table runner and quilt today. My father-in-love wondered if I was going to make him a quilt for Father's day. I think it was a hint, don't you?

My beautiful daughter, Haley...

Garden stone from Haley...

Happy Mother's Day! =) 

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