Tuesday Morning bargains on Thursday afternoon

April 15, 2011

 Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite stores to wander around in. They have everything there!  Linens and dog toys...Toys for kids and luggage...Oriental rugs and party supplies....It's a great place to find gifts for all occasions.  

I hadn't been there in a while so I popped in to look around yesterday since I was already out and about. I bought some great stuff!

First, though, I wanted to share with you my favorite scissors of all time. Westcott Titanium bonded 5" micro-tipped scissors.  

I stumbled on them by accident last year at Target on their clearance rack. They were selling for $3. If I had known how amazing they were, I would have bought them all, then and there. They are super sharp and I use them mainly for thread snipping. 

I tie a scrap of selvedge on all my fabric scissors so everyone knows they are mine and not to be used for paper. 

Okay...Back to Tuesday Morning! I found some great stuff for the sewing room....

Fabric...I am not a huge jelly roll fan, but at $15, I could be. Now I can try some of the jelly roll patterns out there and see if I want to be a jelly roll fan. 

I've been wanting to try fabric sheets for my printer, but the price has always given me pause, even on sale. At this discounted price, I am willing to give them a try to see how they work.

Has anyone used this product? For $3 I thought it would be worth a try...I've been wanting to try to do some applique and this looks easy enough. 

Quilt hangers. Maybe I can find a place to display a quilt in my home somewhere. 

Aleen's No-Sew fabric glue...Not sure what to use it for, but the price was right. If anyone has some suggestions for me, I am all ears!

Two June Tailor 6 1/2 inch rotary cutter rulers. 

And lastly, a cute find...At least I think so, a magnetic bulletin board...It could be used for Karen's @ Sew Many Ways clever idea

I just noticed you can see my reflection in the wrapper!!

 Have you found any fun bargains lately? 


  1. not a single one...these are amazing finds. we don't have that store here near us. Go you on the bargain hunting

  2. You found all those quilting things at Tuesday mornings? WOW! I would have never guessed. I guess I have not been in a Tuesday Morning for so many years, I probably wasn't quilting then. I am tempted to go there myself! Is it still up by Joann's?

    I have a pair of scissors just like those, I think, but I got mine at Walmart in the paper/scrapbooking dept. They ARE very sharp and
    the tips are sharper. Love mine too!

  3. WOW our Tuesday Morning doesn't carry that much quilting stuff anymore. They used to have lots, and great quilt books too. But lately I've only seen knitting and crochet books and yarn.

  4. I think tommorrow will be a Tuesday Morning on Saturday....I use to love shopping there but never was quilting stuff. I will have to swing by on my way to Jo-ann fabrics.
    I once printed pictures onto fabric (different kind) to add to the back of a quilt for my Mom. She went to Alaska on vacation and the quilt was all about her trip.
    You had some great finds today!

  5. Thanks for sharing about your finds. I went to my local Tuesday morning and was able to find some of the same treasures. I'm delighted!


  6. That's awesome, Linda!! =D

    @sewdaughter, I hope your Tuesday Morning has some great finds for you, too. =)

  7. I love a bargain. I'm going to stop in there. I didn't know they had stuff like that. Cute magnet board!


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