Quilting Tulips

April 11, 2011

I gotta really buckle down and get moving if I am going to get this done by the 22nd of April...I have 4 of the 9 squares done...I have been wondering, thought, is it possible to put it on my quilting frame after all the straight line quilting is done and do a bit of meandering in the yellow parts of the blocks with Tipsy? Or is that a big no-no? 


  1. You can do that, try and see...I've done it with a Mary Englebreit panel I did for a friend.

  2. This looks wonderful! Who is it for? I am working on a baby quilt that needs to be done by May 1, which is the shower! I need to get crackin' on it too.

  3. I think after it is stabilized you can do about anything to it to accent it. I would say it maybe would be worth the effort to try and it and I think you will be happy. Chris

  4. Very beautyful! Wonderful Springcolors.
    And i think the yellow can absoluty go with a little decorquilting!

    So, lets go! You manage that "THING" :-)


  5. I agree with Pokey. Absolutely!


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