Progress...And another decision

April 21, 2011

Just to give you an idea of what I am planning on doing, none of the plates are attached and are just tossed for the photo op. 

The thing I am disappointed with is the yellow centers are very see through. Even if I cut out the green background, it's still doesn't look right.  I tested it last night by tucking a piece of batting behind the center of the plate. 

My solution, adding one more smaller circle for the center in the plates. 


  1. Love your plates on that green background! Too bad about the centers though - I was going to suggest batting or extra fabric too.... It always happens just when you think you're almost done...!

  2. I do see what you mean, with the see-thru issue, but they really do look great all the same.

  3. Or you could just cut out the back of the circles....good idea of yours...going to be a beautiful quilt!

  4. I love the dresden and the fabrics you used. That's a good idea to cover over again with a smaller circle. Won't the batting hide much of that when the quilt comes together?

  5. Love that Nile Green! So authentic to go with the 30's fabs. It looks great so far!

  6. this is so beautiful...i love that green background color.


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