Making friends with Tipsy

April 12, 2011

It's going okay. =) When I get anxious, I just park her and go check my emails, read a blog post or two and then go back up to try again.

The thread I am using for the bobbin and top thread is Connecting Threads Essential Cotton quilting thread. I've always liked their thread and it's working nicely. No thread breakage or tension problems.

God is being kind to me. =)


  1. It's great. Looks like 'tipsy' is becoming sober :)
    Seriously, it's very nice!!

  2. Amy it looks great. I knew you could do it. Hang in there. Chris

  3. It looks BEAUTIFUL, Amy!!! I can see you smiling from here! Kick that FEAR in the REAR!!!! Good job!!!!

  4. It looks great!!! Your quilting is so pretty! I want to make some tulips.

  5. That's coming out wonderfully.

  6. :-) So you made it!! And it looks great!

    have a nice day, Willow

  7. Yea, you tried it! It's so cool when you can trust yourself to try. God is always faithful, all the time. I like the stitches, too. BTW, I've recently shared this: my Momma taught me to walk away when the sewing challenge seemed to be getting the best of you, and when you come back to it, often your head is cleared and you can solve the problem. I hope you keep feeling successful, this project definitely is!

  8. Don't be too hard on yourself, it takes time. You are doing wonderfully! I think you should get some Cherry Fizz and we can create together! :)


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