Gigi's Tulips

April 14, 2011

Once upon a time, I was blessed enough to do day care for a sweet and very tiny little girl named Gigi aka The Princess...Gigi was blessed with the gift of Down Syndrome and I was privileged to have had a window of time where I could pour out my love upon this miracle child. 

This quilt is for my friend who was Gigi's foster mom...30's fabric because she loves all things vintage and tulips because of the poem Welcome to Holland

I sure miss her seeing her sweet little face....


  1. What a sweet sentiment and a quilt fit for those beautiful memories. It came out wonderfully.

  2. A very sweet quilt. The crinkly quilting gives it a lovely vintage feel along with the applique and that pink border. Great job!

  3. Beautiful quilt, Amy! I love the middles of the flowers how they look a little zig-zaggy with the button in the center--or maybe I should say pinwheel-ish. It all looks great!

  4. I am so proud of you. Gigi's mom will love it!

  5. This is such a beautiful quilt!!

  6. Oh, the significance of the tulips will always shine in your love gift to a sweet Momma. Thank you for the poem link, too....
    My Larry grew up with a ds aunt, she was a love. The Drs. told Gramma that she wouldn't live past 10, but she was a wonderful 36 year old "toddler" when she changed addresses to Jesus' house.

  7. Amy, that is a beautiful quilt. I am sure it will be treasured. A friend of mine has a tulip tattoo for the same reason.


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