March 24, 2011

My Casey and I made tutus today for some special little girls in our lives....We followed the tutorial on Precious Cupcakes. Easy and fun!!


  1. Wow, that brings back memories! One year, as Christmas approached, there wasn't very much money for gifts for our 3 kids. I did have fabric though - ranging from fake fur, to cottons, to tulle. We found a large box with an attached lid, covered it in leftover wallpaper to match the girls' room, and then we filled it with all sorts of dress-up items. I made a tutu for each of the girls, "fur" stoles, and a few other things. We added tiaras from the dollar store, and ladies' purses from a thrift shop - spent about $10. and it was the girl's favourite gift that year!
    We don't have any grands yet, but I'll have to remember the tutorial you posted - the tutus there were really cute!


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