She has a name...

March 11, 2011

In response to my post about my black heart, Marlene @ Stitchin By the Lake wrote a comment that made me laugh. 

Seriously laugh. 

She said:

Like you I'd be scared but with a husband like that you've obviously got a personal cheering section! Everyone says practice and I know they are right but remember to be forgiving of yourself because you won't be satisfied with what you do for a long time. I'm a newbie at free motion quilting and I still think my stitching looks like a drunk monkey did it but I'm finally at the point that I think the monkey is just tipsy...and that's progress. :) blessings, marlene
And in that comment, Miss Fun Quilter got her name...

Drunk Monkey...

I'm kidding! I'm kidding!

Her name, for real, is Tipsy. =)

BTW: Marlene is having a giveaway. Go check it out!


  1. Marlene is so sweet. We have conversed for a few years now through our blogs and emails. She has a sense of humor that never stops, and a pure heart. I only wish I could meet her sometime.

    Keep smiling. It will get better...I promise!

  2. OH I LOVE IT!!! How fun is that :) Great job Marlene ... wonderful things to remember, Amy ... my monkey couldn't find the wagon if it was sitting on it ... tipsy is eons away! How fun and thank you for sharing!!

  3. That's a great name and what a thoughtful post from your friend. I agree with her. My FMQ is still much like a tipsy monkey:D

  4. Here, quilters who want to learn get CHEAP quilt tops off ebay and turn them into GORGEOUS quilts. It has been AMAZING to see what they whip up.

    Hey, I have a bunch of tops you could practice on (that would need sent back here). -teasing- LOL, I get the tops done, then stall at the quilting WAY too often.



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