More dresden plates....

March 31, 2011

 I love making dresden plates!! These are smaller than the dresden plates I made for my mother-in-love. I used 5" blades in hers. These are 4" blades. 

I found backing fabric for the tulip quilts at a steal of a deal. $3.95 a yard at AAA Quilter's Supply! With the price of cotton going up, I was thrilled to find such a great deal. 

Have a great Thursday! =)


  1. Those are beautiful and I love the 30s prints:) I am sad about the price of cotton going up. Makes me wonder how much more fabric I will be able to buy:(

  2. Aw... your four inch dresdens are so cute!! Especially in your darling 30's prints! :o)
    Great find on your fabric for the backing.
    Have a nice after noon.
    Sincerely, Trish

  3. What a nice blog!
    Your quilt are so lovely! Absolutly wonderful :-)

    And i love these plates too. I just have to learn to make them :-)

    Willow (from Germany, so please excuse my bad english)

  4. These 'dresdens' are addictive aren't they? Love your plates!

  5. The dresdens in your 30's prints are the sweetest, Amy! I've always wanted to do that, too, from an old quilt I once saw. Beautiful!


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