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March 7, 2011

Warning: This post has no continuity.

Thank you all for your encouragement this weekend. I am {very} grateful....

I gave myself a blog makeover. I needed a change. I reserve the right to change it half a dozen more times until I am sure I am satisfied, but I think I am...Maybe...

I practiced on Miss Fun Quilter this morning. We aren't friends yet, but we are better acquainted. It's a start.

I finished a couple of blocks for the Block-a-palooza. I need go see the one posted for today.

The mailman brought me some fabric I bought on clearance. Love the Jane Pindots!

I finished both tulip quilt tops. 

This one is for me.

This one is for my friend. 

The cathedral windows block is taking shape.

That's all I got...*grin*


  1. The cathedral windows are going to look awesome! Bliss is perfect to use and I am glad you went with a colour other than white.
    I am sad they are discontinuing turnovers. I have used them only once, but it was a convenient way to get the entire line for pinwheels.

  2. you're gonna hook me into quilting yet! love'em. I even sat and watched a quilting show marathon on TV the other day.

  3. I love your blog makeover. I change mine several times a year! HA!
    I am so glad you are making friends with your new quilter:)

    Your blocks are lovely and those quilts are too. I like how you display them.

  4. I love your new background!! :o) So cute and fresh for spring. :o)
    Your blocks are adorable! :o) And I am head over heels for those polka dot prints and lovely cathedral window progress. :o)
    Have a great week!
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. Someone's been busy! I really like the updated blog, and the tulips, and the Palooza blocks and the Cathedral Window project....oh, and the fabrics! Do you have them committed to a project already?
    Of course, now that you have all those tops done, you have to quilt them, so you're really only half-done ;)

  6. It sounds like you are feeling better today, and I am glad. Love your blocks, and your blog makeover.

  7. my 8 year old daughter was looking at this post with me and commented on something i did not even notice....she said how clever it was of you to have a pole up to hang quilts on so that you can take pictures of them. Perhaps then she would get a break for her little arms since she is who i usually have hold up my quilts for lengths of time so that i can take pictures!!!!

  8. All of the quilty squares look fun, and who doesn't love a little more fabric? Stay encouraged, creativity is the best way, too.

  9. Amy, your blocks are great! Soon, soon you and Miss Fun Quilter will be friends ... maybe not BFFs right away, but you'll love her dearly!! Great job on your quilts!!


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