Patterns & Windows

February 24, 2011

First the patterns:

 Valerie @ A Day in May graciously shared where to get three free quilt patterns. Trust me, you will want them. Go to her blog {be sure to say 'Hi' while you are there} to get the details.

Now for the windows:

Melissa Stramel is doing a tutorial on how to make Cathedral Windows with no hand sewing.

Here is one of the finished products of yesterdays tutorial.

Her directions look complicated, but it's really easy. I had all nine whipped up in less than an hour.

Today's goal, to get caught up on the Block -a-palooza!


  1. Oh I forgot to check out the tutorial! I was so busy that didn't have a chance.
    I'm gonna check it out now as I did get all my supplies!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn't that a fun way to do Cathedral Windows? It is the same method I use and that I have been demoing on the road. Because there is no batting in it, it does make a nice summer bed quilt cover if you are doing a full quilt. Can't wait to see yours finished!

  3. Thanks for the link! Not that I have ANY time to do anything new, but who knows - maybe someday ;)

  4. Hi Amy! Thanks so much for posting this. I love the blue background!


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