Not sure what to do...

February 1, 2011

I thought I had the correct amount of fabric purchased for the Block-a-palooza, but it appears I missed the latest update and I won't have enough, so now I don't know what to do...Order more or stop now and make a cute quilt with what I already have.

I'm feeling pretty bummed out...


Wow! Thanks for every one's input. I did a flurry of emailing over this dilemma. I had no idea how many were in my boat and had to make the same decision. I feel every one's pain.

That said, Wendy of Why Knot found Rossville Quilts fabric shop online that had most of the fabric needed and they sell it in fat quarter amounts. I bought what I needed from them and from one other shop, SO, I guess I am in this to the finish.


  1. If you can order more, then I would probably do that. Will you have time?

  2. You could always use more fabric, right??

  3. Hi Amy ~ I probably bought the same amount of fabric that you bought...not enough now that they updated the amounts! However, mine is in a different line. That means I might be able to squeak by with using some of the fat eighths in the list not used...or supplementing with something in my stash that might blend in. But...mine is going to be different anyway whereas maybe you were following their blocks more closely with Sunkissed. I'd say either try and squeak by like I'm doing for as long as you can or just go ahead and re-order now.

    I'm thinking they should have just put off starting until they knew what was needed and posted it correctly...I read in the forum that someone from Australia had ordered from the original list and now she doesn't have enough fabric; more postage expense if she reorders.

    I hope you do continue because I've enjoyed seeing your blocks, but do what you think is best. Just tonight I cut through (by mistake) my fussy cut center block for block #3. Talk about wasting fabric when I needed all extra I can get!!!

  4. Buy more if you can find it. Smile sweetie, and stay warm!

  5. Oh Amy, I'm sorry ... If it's really important to you, order more. If you're doing it for fun, try to fill in from your stash and start mixing it up from the get-go, not waiting towards the end. Now, I'm worried as I didn't re-check the requirements, so I guess I best be off to see if I have enough. I'm going to check back in with you so see what you decide. In the end, its for you, isn't it? Hugs!

  6. I saw the post by the lady from Australia who ordered the fat eighth bundle and she was NOT happy. I don't blame her. It looks like only a few fat quarters are needed. Could you buy those at your LQS? I am watching this one from afar. I couldn't really justify purchasing a fat quarter bundle so early in the year when I know there will be other projects I will HAVE to do. The blocks so far have been awesome! I am keeping an eye out to see if any fat quarter bundles come on sale.

  7. bummer....if you don't order more will you be happy with the smaller quilt?

  8. Oh Amy, I am so sorry. I know how frustrating this kind of situation can be! I know that whatever decision you make, you will have a lovely quilt to show for it.


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