Block-A-Palooza blocks 5 and 6

February 14, 2011

Cute block, but difficult. Ish...Far from perfect and I may have to redo it. 

I found green polka dot fabric in my stash that works with Sunkissed! It makes the worry of not having enough fabric a little less worrisome. 

I love this block...

The next block is out and it's an easy one! I hope to get it done this afternoon. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! 


  1. Oh I'm lovin' these. Very pretty! You're moving right along!!

  2. Love the blocks! Yes, #6 is a very pretty one, and the green polkas go well. I have mine done just didn't get them posted--I fussy-cut some giraffes on Block 5 for the center and cut off their heads!!! LOL!! That one may have to be done over, too! I'm ready to start #7 tomorrow.


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