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January 8, 2011

It goes without saying, I love sewing and I love quilting

But I also love techy-gadgets.

One of my favorite things is my iPod touch. I have it loaded up with music and podcasts to listen to while I'm in my sewing room. I'm dreaming of an iPhone or an iPad, both of which are rumored to be soon available at Verizon and a new 2nd generation iPad is due to come out in a few weeks. Can't wait! 

Ooops...To get back on topic. 

Today, thanks to Creating the Hive - Arts & Crafts Community, I found a new podcast to listen to. A quilting podcast! Actually, Sandy found me, but I digress.

Sandy has a podcast called: Quilting For the Rest of Us

Cool, huh? 

So are there more quilting podcasts I should know about? Please, do share! Inquiring minds want to know! =)

Edit: Well, well, well...Look at all the podcasts I found! 

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