I messed up...badly.

January 20, 2011

My husband, who is the most generous man I have ever known....ever...allowed me to...

(yes, I said allowed. He works hard for our money and I ask him before I buy things. I respect him and he cherishes me.)

...allowed me to buy a layer cake of Simplicity by 3 Sisters for a friend of mine.

The plan is to make a layer cake quilt together and I wanted to treat her with a layer cake of fabric to use. She was admiring my Simplicity lap quilt and telling me how much she loved the fabric. I did extensive internet searching and was thrilled to find a layer cake of Simplicity for her.

I love this line, too, which is why I used it to make a quilt for our bedroom

So, when I told him I also found a fat quarter set of it on Ebay for sale, he said, "Buy it!" I told him it was very expensive. And this is only one reason why I am the most blessed woman on earth...

He said, "I love you and I want you to have it." 

All together now...


And I did...Buy it, I mean. I checked out paying with Paypal. Now, I knew I didn't have enough in my checking, but I also knew I had a back up source, which was the credit card. It was all good...except for one teeny-tiny problem. When I was checking out, I forgot to tick the little box at Paypal that says "pay with alternative funding," or something like that...

Can you guess what happened?

Of course you can. 

I bounced...

And I was charged $25 in overdraft fees. My expensive fabric just got even more expensive. 

All because I was careless...Dare I say, stupid? 

And my darling husband said??

"It's okay, honey. Things like that happen." 

My husband is the most forgiving and patient man I have ever known....My boys would do well to grow up to be like their father. 


  1. You are luck. Nothing more to say about it. Chris

  2. I agree that your hubby is a wonderful man from what I have read here in your blog. You are blessed!

    However, he is right! These things DO happen at times. They have probably happened to most of us at one time or another.

  3. oh, pshaw. That's not messing up badly. Yep, you were not observant but "stuff happens", so let it roll off your shoulders.

    Yep, the NSF charge is obnoxious and annoying but it's a lesson you won't soon forget. Still, that isn't messing up badly.

    You know what messing up badly would be? Mis-cutting your fabric. Cutting the wrong shapes so that you couldn't ever, *ever*, EVER make the layer cake quilt for your friend. *That* would be messing up badly ... cuz there is no recourse for it.

    The other stuff? eh ... go without something for a while and you'll make up the NSF amount.

    There ... doesn't that put a different spin on the wheel? :-)

  4. We are blessed, Amy. That sounds like my Larry, too.

  5. Yes, your husband is a good man, but you are a good woman to buy your friend a gift and take the time to think of what she specific line she would like.

  6. Your hubby sounds like a wonderful guy! and you are a very special friend! There aren't a lot of people like that "out there", so thank God for bringing the two of you together, and enjoy your layer cake "quilt adventure"!

  7. That is one amazing husband! You're so lucky!


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