Finger update - All is well

January 11, 2011

I have pictures! No worries, they aren't graphic.

To catch up the new readers *waving*, on Nov. 26th, at 9:00 pm, I placed a shiny new rotary blade in my cutter....

{which, btw, is still being used today and is still amazingly sharp. I bought a titanium one at Joann's when they were on sale. I will definitely buy more of them in the future}

..and proceded to cut some fabric. Three or four cuts into my play time, I got careless and I lopped off a good portion of the side of my index finger. Ouch, is an understatement and a {not} fun trip to the ER was the result.

But lookee here...Six and a half weeks later, it's all better.

It's only slightly deformed on the one side. 

This is one experience that I don't want to repeat. Please learn from my mishap: respect your rotary cutters. They really can be dangerous.


  1. Looks like it healed very nicely.

  2. Glad your finger is all better...those blades can do some damage...I have bled for hours from a cut...

  3. Amy, I am so glad you are healed!

    Also, my blog has moved to I got my own domain!

  4. So glad your finger is back amongst the land of the living. Now you can sew, sew, sew!

    Have a sweet day Amy!

  5. ouch. but it looks great and i would never know to look at those pictures hat you had nearly lopped it off with a shiny new blade.

  6. I'm so glad it's all better! owie!

  7. My grand daughter rolled the rotary cutter over my finger when I was teaching her how to use it.... Took a minute for us to notice as it didn't hurt right a way :-) We both got a lesson in being watchful :-)



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