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January 7, 2011

I do not own a dishwasher...

Some people are shocked when they find out I don't have one. It does get worse...I have never owned one.


Never saw the need nor had the desire to own one. 

I don't mind washing dishes...

And its good for my kids to learn how to wash dishes. That's my story and I am sticking to it. 

Because the dish drain isn't big enough to hold all the dishes, a towel is always on my counter for the freshly washed glasses to dry on. 

That is, until today....

Today, I traded in the towel for a new dish mat....

Lest you think I am very clever, I got the idea from Tipnut. If you don't read her blog, you are missing out! Here is the link to the tutorial for the dish mat, you will see I made mine differently, but the idea is basically the same. 

I definitely going to be making more!


  1. I can't believe I didn't think of that! Thanks for posting about it. I tell people I have a dishwasher. Her name is Mandy.

  2. Hi Amy! I love your dish mat! I am not at all surprised you've never had a dish washer. I've never had one either, even growing up...and I've been married 35 years. Now...I have had one the last 2 33 years of Married life I REFUSED to have one because I also like to wash dishes. But this house we bought two years ago had an old dish washer that was full of water and had to be replaces or leave a hole in the old kitchen cabinets. When we closed on the house the previous owners paid the replacement. In the past 2 years I think I've used it a couple dozen times or even one dozen. I totally understand.

    LOVE the dish mat! What a great idea. I think I'll make one for my daughter who uses dish towels. I keep a drainer in my sink.

    I also wanted to tell you just how much our blogs have in common with the theme of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ...the verse, etc.

  3. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it, too!

    Thanks for stopping by, Mandy! =)

  4. That is sooo cute! It gave me an idea straight away! I love the way you incorporate your faith in your blog! You go girl! Love from a Sunny South Africa!

  5. Amy, you could do the same idea for shelf liners in your cabinets to keep things clean. They can be taken out and washed and replaced. Great Tip you Nut! LOL Chris

  6. Hi Amy ~ LOVE the idea! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. (Love the sheep mug on your dish mat, too!)

    We DO have a dishwasher, and it's going strong EVERY day! There are still plenty of pots and pans that don't fit in to give us the feeling that we're knee-deep in sudsy water though! :)

    p.s. I see the Block-a-Palooza button on your sidebar. I'm participating, too! My fabric just arrived yesterday! It's Central Park instead of Sunkissed. Love it!

  7. Hi Amy,
    I have been married 33 years and have never owned a dishwasher. I always thought that is why I had a husband and four kids. LOL We just recently purchased a different home and it came with a dishwasher. It has been used a total of 5 times in 7 months. I would rather have had another cupboard there. Love your idea of the mat.

  8. this is perfect...i should make one for my parents. they don't have a dishwasher either, unless you count my dad!

  9. When I saw the picture, the first thing I thought of was the quilted piece that you shared in your last blog post - but of course, that doesn't have toweling in it and it might not work as well...
    I love your sheep mug too - I have a bright orange one! (we used to have a sheep farm - 150+ ewes... still miss it!)

  10. I've seen the dishmats in Bed, Bath & Beyond and at Walmart but haven't been able to justify the $10 to buy one - I never thought about making one!

    Jill in MN (from theSwap)

  11. I have a mat that I bought (not just a towel) but I really love this idea. We (my daughter and daughter-in-law) are getting ready for a sewing day together~ a learning experience. This will be a great do-in-a-day project. (None of us have a dishwasher~ most people in Israel do not :-)



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