Dinner conversation

January 13, 2011

We were discussing what to have for dinner the following night. Mitchell was sharing his thoughts....

{Mitchell: I think next time for dinner we should have Italic. I love Italic. We can have Italic dressing on our salad and have Italic foods, like lasagna or spaghetti....}

It's funny when things like this come from a 5 year old, but I think it's hilarious when your child is 14! Yes, he knows I am sharing this with you all...


  1. That is hilarious! At 5 when they do this they don't mind correcting. At 14 does he get embarrassed by it? Just wondering.

  2. Your son is very handsome. They grow up so quick. Mine will be 10 in June. I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms.

  3. Well I think this just show how silly we can be at times. I mess up my words on a daily basis and my 16 daughter love to remind me of my mistakes...lol. You have a very nice looking son.

  4. Ha! that's so funny!! It seems like he has a good sense of humor....definitely a plus!!


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