Block-A-Palooza begins!

January 24, 2011

Quilt Dad shared his instructions for the first block of the Block-A-Palooza today. I've been looking foreword to this quilt-a-long. I do confess, it was a wee bit difficult to open my bundle of Sunkissed by Sweetwater.

Isn't it pretty all tied up in a bow?

I chose to use the pink and grey color ways in this block. Love that combination. It reminds me of the pink and grey saddle shoes I used to wear.

Here is the first block Flying Over Fields.


  1. Darn you Amy! I am trying desperately to resist the temptation to join. I said I was going to scale back on fabric purchases and this would entail a fabric purchase.
    Your block looks really good and that is making it harder to resist.

  2. Oh my! Your first block is already finished!! It's beautiful! I like the pink you've chosen, too. You've encouraged me to go ahead and get started. I'm trying my hardest to get these last blocks done for the postage stamp quilt along before tomorrow...almost done!

  3. Darling sweetie. I so know what you mean about cutting into a new line of fabric. Why is that do you think? Like...didn't we buy it to quilt with?? Go figure!

  4. If that first block is any indication, I'm going to have to sign up for this - I've never done a "Palooza" either, so I'm furthering my education by taking part.... that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! I decided not to buy any more fabric either - but really, a layer cake isn't fabric, is, now I can buy one, right?


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