Rusty's Kayak Quilt

December 27, 2010

I wonder who likes it better...Clay the little dog, or Rusty?

I'll get a better picture of the quilt tomorrow. =)


  1. Awww! You got it done! It is awesome. Looks like the honey likes it! And the dog too!
    Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. It's lovely! I think it's an added bonus when a family pet loves the quilt also. My mom sits with one dog in her lap when she uses hers and my dad has the black lab sitting on his feet (and quilt) when he uses his.

  3. It looks great, and I know Russ loves it. Now make him a matching rice bag for his neck, but don't be surprised if he falls asleep. He looks way too comfy!

  4. True, it is hard to tell!! Beautiful!

  5. What an awesome picture.....and wonderful quilt!

  6. Oh, Amy, it turned out so well! And obviously it is well LOVED by all!


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