Rusty's Kayak Quilt x's 2

December 28, 2010

I chose to add very narrow red boarders to it and bind it in red with a few scrappy pieces of the batik navy blue dots tossed in. 

I don't prewash my fabric and I was a wee bit concerned about the batik bleeding, but it didn't at all. Whew!!

Now that its finished being quilted, all the little mistakes don't seem to matter. It won't win any awards and it won't pass a critical quilters eyes and that's okay with me! The joy is in the process and the learning of new skills.  

I started this journey of learning to sew and quilt two years ago, with my Mom's Viking. I've since upgraded to a newer Viking a Platinum 770 and bought a Juki TL98Q.

For the last few weeks, I've been mulling over in my mind whether or not if it's okay to call myself a quilter instead of saying, "I am learning how to quilt," because aren't we all learning more and more about this craft each and every time we create a quilt?

Then I made a collage of most of the things I've made this last year and I realized...

  I am a quilter

My only wish? That my Mom could know how much of her has rubbed off on me....

Happy New Year, everyone!! 


  1. That turned out beautifully! I'm sure that your DH is happy beyond words.
    I especially like the bits of blue fabric in the binding - it's a great way to tie it all together.
    And yes....I believe you ARE a quilter!

  2. Yes, you ARE a quilter, and a good one too. You create beautiful quilts. Good job on Russ's quilt, but I knew it would be beautiful, and cozy!

  3. It looks great, and they both are happy with it! Of course you're a quilter! Keep enjoyingit!
    :-} pokey

  4. Amy, it looks great! And, uh, yes, you are a quilter!

  5. You are most definitely a quilter! I would have never guessed that you began this journey two short years ago. I think your quilts are wonderful!


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