Procrastinator Extraordinaire

December 10, 2010

If I had to name a character flaw that has caused me the most anxiety, it would be procrastination. I hate to admit it, but I have it fine tuned to an art.

This is not a good thing, people.

In case you were wondering....

My latest anxiety inducing procrastination: my husband's job Christmas party.

Which is tonight.


This is not good...These people pay him. Of all the things to procrastinate, it's not wise procrastinate on something that will cause you to mess up in front of your husband's boss and co-workers.

Did I mention they pay him??

This is NOT good, at all...

Last summer...s.u.m.m.e.r...I was asked if I would play a part in the Christmas play, a Who-Done-It, to which I enthusiastically said, "Sure!"

Last summer...

The party is tonight...

I don't know my part...

I read it twice...

I am doomed...

Except!! *dat dat dahhhh dahhhh*

I found out that Bill, my new best friend and co-worker of my hubby, hasn't even read his part yet!


I'm sharing my procrastinator crown with Bill.

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  1. I pray for calmness for you, and the ability to belt out your lines without a skip in beat. You will do fine! Have fun!


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