A new year about to begin...

December 31, 2010

And a couple more finishes to end the year....

A baby quilt for a sweet little girl due in January. I teased Selena last spring that if she wanted one of my quilts, she needed to have a baby. Little did I know she suspected she was expecting. Two weeks later, she sweetly said, "Amy, remember what you told me I had to do to get one of your quilts?" I was so excited for her and her husband. They are the SWEETEST couple.

Fabric used, Simply Sweet and Kona cotton. Pattern used, Charming Stars.

Fun scrappy back....

And my favorite part, the candy stripe binding. 

One more kayak quilt. This is for my Rusty's kayaking buddy, Vic. They have been friends for 25+ years. All 8 yards of the kayaking fabric is gone! Yeah!!

Thank you all for your kind comments and encouragement. I look foreword to seeing what creative endeavors you all bring in 2011!

God bless...


  1. Both quilts look wonderful! Good job, Amy, 'who doesn't know if she is a quilter'. You are DEFINITELY a quilter!

  2. Oh Amy....that baby quilt is so cute! Front and back! I love the way you piece your backs!
    Have a great New Year's Eve tonight!

  3. Shoot, I would be ready to have a baby to get one of your quilts! LOL! I love the binding on the baby quilt. It reminds me of the zebra in the ad for Juicy Fruit gum when I was a kid! I think I have a quilt with the same (or really similar) binding!

  4. You have 2 great finishes, I'm partial to the star one, but isn't that cool that you used up the kayak print, and made just as cool a quilt for his buddy? Way to go, Amy!

  5. That baby quilt is SO beautiful! I especially love the binding - looks like flannel...
    Is the backing flannel or cotton? and do you make the binding out of flannel too, or do you make the backing bigger and then just wrap it around to the front for the binding?
    Inquiring minds need to know!
    P.S. - congratulations on your win earlier!


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