100 Blocks ~ Flimsy finished

December 4, 2010

Doesn't it look impressive all put together? 

Now to decide about borders. 

Infinity, #164 of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks ~ Designed by Vickie of Spun Sugar Quilts

Infinity, #164 of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks ~ Designed by Vickie of Spun Sugar Quilts


  1. It's beautiful. I bet Russ can't wait to get under it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! That kayak fabric is cuter every time I see it. It looks fantastic so far!

  3. You go girl!! With a cut finger and all! I'm impressed!

  4. Can't wait 'til I have time to play with the patterns in that magazine - but Christmas gifts that HAVE to be finished by Sat. are the priority now (and the reason I can't post any "in-progress" pics on my blog right now...)
    I'm really loving this block - it's perfect for your fabrics!

  5. The fabric really makes the block. I like the kayak fabric and the polka dot and solid lets it shine. It isn't too kitschy- very tasteful. Adore it.


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