Safety gadgets

November 27, 2010

After last night's experience, I am actively seeking out gadgets that can help prevent another ER visit.

BTW, you know it looks bad when the ER doctor makes a face when looking at your wound. I got lots of sympathy last night. =)

Here are a few items I've found and I am looking for some first hand experience with them to help me make decisions on what to buy. If any of you know of other things that you have tried and like, I would love to know.

Klutz Glove

O'Lipfa Rotary Cutting Safety Shield

Finger Guards

Surely there are more??


  1. Amy I could not read your post last night, because I had a similar experience several years ago. The image in my mind was still too vivid. I did buy the Safety shield for my larger ruler. They are easy to attach and are not distracting from your cutting edge. Take care.

  2. How's the finger today? Hope you are healing at lightning speed!

  3. Sounds like you've been blessing the ER with your presence too girlie. So sorry about that! The good thing??? You'll probably never do it again.
    My advice...slow down on your cutting...ALWAYS keep a sharp blade...and use a Gripper! That way your hand is way away from the blade.
    Hope it heals up fast sweet you can get back to sewing!


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