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November 26, 2010

Did you know rotary blades are very, very sharp? Especially new ones. Lost part of my finger tonight. Waiting for the doctor to come take a look. I shaved a deep slice off the side of my left index finger. I'll spare the gory details. =)

Edit to add:

I think I need one of these for Christmas.

Or a Klutz glove.


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that. My prayers are for a quick and speedy recovery.

    I can relate because I sewed through my left index finger at a machine quilting class years ago!

    We do suffer for our art sometimes, don't we?

  2. Oh Amy!!! I will pray for your finger to heal up and that your pain level with be very low! My son cut off the tip of his finger last year, and it affected some of the nail...the finger flesh did fill itself in pretty nicely after a while. Oh Amy! I hated to read this and hope / pray you are feeling better soon!

  3. Oh no, sweetie! Keep the pain meds close by, and don't bump it! I will pray for fast healing. Take care!

  4. Oh my! Yes, I did know how sharp they are and have heard many a horror story. I hope you heal well. That is definitely not fun.

  5. Hope you heal quickly. I had just replaced a 45mm blade this summer and set the old one on my ironing board for just a minute. I walked by, bumped the ironing board, the blade fell off and landed in the carpet where I stepped down on it. Result..blood from one end of my house (on freshly shampooed carpets) to the other and 14 stitches across the bottom of my foot. Took the blade with me and it was the talk of the hospital! Even dull ones are sharp.

  6. Thankfully, I've never found that out the hard way.... Hope it heals quickly!
    Do you need someone to tell your hubby about those finger guards?


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