Scrap Tub

October 27, 2010

Now that I am in my own room and not sewing in the living room, I found myself wanting to toss my scraps in a spot to sort out later. Then came my "brilliant" idea.

I need a scrap bucket.

More like a galvanized tub I bought at a garage sale two years ago.

I love the dent...

Now that I am getting pretty good with paint, getting rid of the rusty interior was easy to solve.

*I could kick myself for not taking before pictures. Given I am not into inflicting pain on myself, I won't. ;-)*

The fabric needs a few more coats of Modge-Podge. I tied the bows on the handles because the clanking noise they made was annoying! 

I am might add some rickrack to the top edge of the fabric. Not sure about that, yet. I welcome any suggestions or ideas. 

When it's done, it will be on the floor next to the cutting table. I will be free to cut and toss at will. I feel so liberated! 

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  1. Wow; so simple, but such a GREAT idea!

  2. You are such a creative person. I love the look of your bucket!

  3. Amy, that tub is so perfect!

  4. I forgot to add that I love the fabric tied to the handle. Got any little sheep you could stick on the outside, all lined up in a row walking around the outside of the tub? =-)

  5. super cute tub idea! I have a couple of those out in a machine shed somewhere...hmmmm.

  6. I love this! Wonder if I could find one, too, 'cuz it's right up my alley...!

  7. totally great idea!
    liking the reason for the innovation for the bows too :)


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