Farmer Boy

October 16, 2010

Or should I say, Farmer Man. Seriously. He grew up this week! 

The grand tour of the farm started with his favorite, the horses. He knows how to ride, saddle, and groom the horses. 

Tinker was Mitchell's horse. 

Sweet sheep...

Calling the cows so we can meet them...He named them all. 

Mitchell took turns giving Reagan, his dad and I a ride on the 4 wheeler. After his ride, Russ said he would rather be in the driving seat. LOL!

Snickers did his tricks for the yummy cheese Mitchell had for him. 

Not a great picture of the dog, but the look on the face of this son of mine makes my heart melt.

Mitchell with his new friends...Chris, Burdean and Dudley. I think he would go live with them and come home only for the weekends, even though he was woken up one morning by the sound of a sting of fire crackers going off under his bedroom window. Seriously. He didn't want to leave. Can't say that I blame him. Living and working on a farm is a perfect environment for a growing young man. I am thrilled he had this experience and I hope he has many more days on the farm with the Grabers. 

On the way home, I looked in the mirror and saw this...I guess they wore him out. 


  1. Beautiful Pictures. Came from Barbara's blog.
    Like the looks of your posting and blog. I invite you to look at my blog and follow it if you
    think you will like it.

  2. Great photo's! I love horses!


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