Are you a No-Reply blogger?

October 29, 2010

I do my very, very best to respond to everyone who leaves a comment on my blogs, even if it may take me a day or two, however, there are a few who I am unable to respond to. Why? The settings on your profile are not set to (show my email address). This would make you a No-Reply friend. It makes me sad because I want to reply to you. Truly! I do!

Since I am not into reinventing the wheel,  Jodi @ Pleasant Home wrote a great blog post on this very topic explaining the how's and the why's you want to have your email address be shown and shares how to set your email up so the world doesn't have your main email address.

If it makes you feel any better, I was a No-Reply Blogger and a kind friend explained to me how to change the setting so they could contact me when I posted on their blog. It was a change I am glad I made.

Till next time!

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Grace and peace to all of you!

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