Tough lesson

September 16, 2010

Reagan reorganized his folders on his Mac, put things in the trash and emptied it...Can you guess what happens when he clicks on the folder he had just created? Yup...It can't open it because it can't find the original file. One problem is he made it an alias.

He is researching to see if its possible to recover his essays.

I feel his pain.

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and wore it out...

He is way too much like me....I won't mention the time I deleted an account on the PC several years ago and lost a ton of pictures. Nope, not gonna relive that nightmare.


  1. Google Chrome wouldn't let me look at this post. Kept warning me about malicious software, but I finally got through using internet explorer. Wonder what you did differently? Well, at least I got to see, and I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!

  2. YIKES! I hope Reagan can fins some program to retrieve his files!

    Feeling your pain in VA


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