Domestic Diva

September 12, 2010

On our day trip to Wisconsin yesterday, we checked out a couple of quilt stores...At a darling store called Front Porch Quilts in Prairie Du Chien I found this adorable fabric!!

I'm thinking about making an apron, but the jury is still out.

Domestic Diva, by Emily Taylor


  1. Oh, I like that quilt shop. I have been there a few times when my husband wants to go to Cabelas. I drop him off and I go to the quilt shop. Have you been to the quilt shop in the downtown area? I like that one also.

  2. Oh, that would make a darling apron. I'd like mine in an X-Large, please! :> )


  3. What fun fabrics! I haven't seen them before!

  4. I did go to the other quilt shop, as well. The Picket Fence, right? They had cute fabric, too, but nothing that I had to have. It has to be amazing before I will pay full price. =)

    I found the fabric panel to match and more yardage on Etsy. Ummm...I bought them.

  5. Doreen , Houston, MNTuesday, September 21, 2010

    The quilt group/guild from Spring Grove,MN, visited those two shops last July and my fave was Front Porch Quilts, also. Interesting how each shop can be so different! Bought several Moda pieces!!!!! Love your choices!!


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