That's the Thing

July 30, 2010

I found her at the Salvation Army. Hubby thought I was nuts when I put her in my cart. 

I think she is precious...

She has no cord, however she has worked enough in her lifetime and deserves to rest. Her job is to look cute and {That's the Thing} she does perfectly.


  1. I have the cutest little vintage iron in hot lime green with one of those cords that is covered in woven cloth. It delights me when I use cheery~ My dh and mil flipped when I bought it, but couldn't complain at the 50 cent price, so I get to delight OFTEN. I do use my old baby. I'll pray for you when I delight in MY iron.

  2. Can you imagine the sore shoulders and arms when women used them to iron clothing?

    I would bet if you have an old coffee pot cord, or a cord from a crock pot, or older electric skillet, that cord would work. Old irons get HOT. That is why quilters like them! I would even bet, that if you went back to the SA and went through the cord bin on the shelves way in the back, there might be a cord in there. Otherwise, go to a hardware store. They would have one.

    Have fun with your iron!
    Be blessed!

  3. Oh...and I LOVE your machinists box!

  4. Great iron! I want one of those cast iron babies for my wood stove! Wee dawgie!



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