1930's Pinwheel Quilt

July 24, 2010

Remember the stack of 1930's fat quarters I bought? I decided what I want to make with them...

A pinwheel quilt. Made with{simple} pinwheels and lots of them. This project will be an on-going one since I'm in no hurry to get it done and I want to enjoy the process.


  1. ooooh! loving it so far! I love the 1930's prints. I have a few charm packs of them (from the Amana quilt shop!) and maybe I should make some pinwheels...

  2. That is going to be beautiful! I love pinwheels and thirties fabrics, so naturally the two together are just gorgeous!!

  3. I love pinwheels :) And I just bookmarked a pinwheel quilt to make (later) - looking forward to seeing the whole quilt unfold :)


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