To Quilt Dad and Crazy Mom Quilts...

June 18, 2010

I owe a {huge apology} to two of my favorite quilters, Quilt Dad and Crazy Mom Quilts. I realized this morning that I neglected to share that it was their {amazing} work I used as an inspiration for my Simply Sweet quilt. I used Quilt Dad's tutorial for Wonky Square-in-Square and this photo of "sue likes blue" by Crazy Mom Quilts.

Yes, I could have edited my post and added their credits, however, I am so hyper-serious about not ever claiming credit where it's not due, that this apology required a post all on its own.

{nervously clearing throat}

Mr. Quilt Dad, Sir... and Mrs. Crazy Mom Quilts, Ma'am...I am so very, very sorry for not giving you credit on my earlier posts and I { sincerely} thank you from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your {amazing} talents with all of us in the blog world.

Graphic courtesy of DryIcons.

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  1. LOL ... you are TOO funny! And how am I just seeing this for the first time? Anyhow, glad you liked my tutorial!


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