Precious Handiwork

June 29, 2010

On Saturday, a dear saint in the Lord from our church, Mildred Frantz, was laid to rest. I had no idea she was an avid quilter. The whole church was filled with her beautiful work. I stole borrowed a camera and took a few pictures so I could share them here with you...All hand quilted. No rotary cutters. Amazing. I later found our her husband would cut all the pieces out for his wife. They enjoyed that pastime together during the cold winter months. It makes the quilts all that more precious to me.

I took mostly pictures of blocks, because I was fascinated on how they were made and wanted to study them later.

The hexagon one is my favorite! {sigh}

This one is my other favorite. I love the fabric choices and colors.

A close up of her work...

Found one more picture...Now I have got to go! VBS is this week and I am on nursery duty with 12 babies under the age of 2! 


  1. They are all beautiful works of art that will forever hold special memories! Amazing handwork!

    Btw-The hexagons also stole my heart :0)

  2. So sorry that your friend passed away. It was wonderful that you got to see and marvel at the wonderful work that she had done over the years. How many of us keep busy hands and are able to show a body of work that is so lovely when our time on earth is passing?

    Someday, I hope that some of my quilts survive and will be admired.

  3. I so want to ask Madilyn if the sampler hanging directly behind her on the left was her beginner quilt. The one on her casket was awesome! I told Roger this is one time a woman should have written the sermon for the funeral. Cause if you take the beginning quilt's stitches and roughness and over the span of her life, look at all it took to get to the one on her casket. The story that would tell of life. A quilting preacher could have tied that all together in a beautiful ribbon and camped on it. We'll prep Eric for yours! Ha ha. I only say you cause I don't know ne other quilters at NBC...

  4. WOW, WOW, WOW! Thank you for those pics of this dear quilting sister's legacy. Especially thanks for the close-ups. Some of those are unusual blocks. Her use of color is inspiring. In my book, the contemporary quilts do not hold a candle to these older ones. Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes. Just MHO. Hoping VBS went well and that you survived all those young'uns under age 2!


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