Something has got to go

May 1, 2010

Look at the pitiful plastic pouch my Juki's feet and accessories came in. It had to go!

Now isn't this {sew} much cuter! Not bad for my first project on Miss Juki. I {heart} this machine! And, it came with a zipper foot. Cool!

My heartfelt thanks go to:

Dawn @ Dawn's Quilt Corner, for posting her success at making zippered pouches. I was encouraged by her post to give it a try.

~ Skip To My Lou and twelve22 for their wonderful detailed tutorials on how to make zippered pouches.

I am always in awe at the generosity of those in the blog-sphere who share their talent with the world.


  1. Hi, Amy~

    When I got my embroidery machine back in 2004, the accessories came in a cheap plastic pouch. For what we paid for the machine, it should have come with a butler in a tuxedo who will change the thread for me while feeding me grapes!! HA!

    Nice job on the pouch, my friend and thank you for the links!


  2. So how is the machine working. We haven't seen a posting so not sure if you have a ball and chain tied to your leg and you are quilting away. Chris

  3. That was so nice of you to mention me in your post! I love the cute zipper pouch you made! :)


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