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May 4, 2010

I'm starting with my favorite. :-D

We had this same high chair, except for the print, at my home growing up. I have a newer high chair for when kids come over, but the thing is huge and takes up so much space. This one is cuter and folds up for easy storage. This one is staying and the other is going to go...Somewhere.

I am so impressed with the condition of it. 

For those too young to remember, this is a telephone. I wish they still made toys like these. 

Cute vintage sheets. I need to start making something out of the ones I have. 

Of course, I had my eye out for Pyrex. I love the pretty cups. I restrained myself and only bought one of each pattern. Someone else will be happy to find the other ones, I'm sure. 

Isn't this a cute set? 


  1. Wow! We had a high chair like that for our daughters. (It was vintage even then) and the seat was covered in red vinyl! I don't know if the vinyl was original, but I liked it! I have often wished we would have kept it because the new ones are extra large compared to the chrome ones! Because of your appreciation of pyrex, I have gained appreciation and now keep an eye out for nice pieces at thrift shops. I love the thickish white pyrex and the cute prints!
    I haven't researched, but do you know if pyrex and corelle are related?
    The telephone! Oh I remember those! These days you find phones; cell phones with a buncha buttons and electronic noises!
    It's fun to think that one day the things that are popular now will be vintage and the girls who'll be ladies then will get excited about finding things they remember... And I wonder how well the things made now will last!

  2. Hi, Amy~

    Oooohhhh, the memories have come flooding my brain! All good, or course!

    That high chair is in such good condition. Great finds, my friend!



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