Mr. Bigs

May 21, 2010

Holden, my oldest son, moved back home for a while. He brought with him his "baby" Mr. Bigs. Do not let this innocent face {with the scary eyes I don't know how to fix} fool you...

Mr. Bigs is dangerous

Very dangerous..

He is a plant killer!

So far, he has broken off iris buds, flattened several day lilies, and smashed the {I don't know the name} flowers. 

It is a very good thing he's cute. {grin}

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  1. Yes but Grandma I am a loveable puppy! They all have their momments. My son's dog came to stay and ran through my sliding glass door screen and ripped it all up and bent the frame. Have to love them it is unconditional love they give back. Chris


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