What's your excuse now, Mister?

April 21, 2010

I asked Mitchell to mow the yard today. He mowed the backyard and convinced me the front yard didn't need it. His reasoning...

"Mom, I checked and it's the same length as the neighbors, so it's fine."

The neighbor is now mowing his yard.

Yoo hoo! Mitchell!!!! The lawn needs mowed! {giggle}


  1. Wouldn't the back yard be the same length as the front yard? And it got mowed?!

  2. The back gets longer faster. More sun than the front. But you would think so, wouldn't you?? LOL!

  3. It sounded like a good excuse to me!
    I just read in BHG longer grass is a healthier lawn instead of manicured.

  4. LOL! Gotta love him for trying! :> )


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