Lost a whole day

April 9, 2010

That's what happens when I get a migraine. I sleep with a heat pack made of wheat on my face and sleep, sleep, sleep...That was my day yesterday. Today, I feel much better. Still moving a wee bit slow, but ready to get back to my sewing machine.

I have no clue how to quilt this one yet, so it's just sitting on the table covered in a white blanket (to keep it clean because my Clay-puppy-Clay likes to lay on my table) until I figure out what to do with her. I love the backing...It's so dreamy!

I'm very anxious to cut into my Simply Sweet fabric!

I've narrowed it down to four patterns...

Wonky Quarter Log Cabin, by Quilt Dad

Wonky Squares in Squares, also by Quilt Dad

Crazy Nine Patch, by allsorts

Square in Square, by Cluck Cluck Sew

I love them all!! Which one would you choose??

1 comment:

  1. Of those, I prefer wonky squares by cluck, cluck, sew.
    Your quilt is beautiful. I agree about the back. I can't wait to see how you quilt it.



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