Laugh or cry disclosure - Updated

April 27, 2010

Edit number 3: Here are the mistakes that I see.

Remember, to win {5 fat quarters} and a {1 yard of Rose Corsage} by Holly Holderman all you have to do is leave a comment saying you were here by Thursday at midnight CST. Winner will be drawn Friday. ❤


Edit number 2: I am feeling sheepish. {ha!} No one is coming close to what I see as glaring goofs. I will confess tomorrow. The give-away will stay the same. All you have to do to win is post a comment.

At this time, I have 5 fat quarters set aside waiting for a new home. ❤

Edit to add...If no one can figure it out, I still want to give away the fat quarters so leave a comment by Thursday at midnight CST and I will draw a winner on Friday morning. Sound good??


Today, I am in a much better place concerning the quilt, however, I will confess...I did cry last night. I need to get over myself. Seriously!!

Here is the deal...I will show you pictures of my quilt. There are {two things} that made me cry. The {first person to comment naming the two things} will win a fat quarter each of these two fabrics...I'll probably toss in other surprises, as well, knowing me.

Here you go:


  1. First just let me say it is gorgeous! It is really hard to tell from the pictures that there is anything wrong with it! I may be wrong because it may just be the way the quilt is hanging, but was it the wee puckers that made you cry? Seriously, they are so tiny and again, it may be just the way the quilt is laying. Please don't cry! **hugs**

    Happy Quilting!

  2. You cried because it was finally complete??? Saying goodbye to a dear friend? Is she going to live in someone else's home? Used up all that pretty rose fabric and there is no more??? Poor you! We do get attatched to some of these quilts when they speak to us. I do anyway. :) There is always tomorrow and another quilt coming down the pike....

  3. :( I'm so sorry that something bad happened with the quilt- I can't figure out what it is though. Did you run out of backing fabric?

  4. I have been studying and studying the pictures and can't find anything wrong at all. Your wonky quilting looks right. Your outline quilting of the center of the patchwork squares looks right....nothing to cry over here!

    But HEY if you're giving out free stuff -- SIGN ME UP!!!

  5. Amy you do such beautiful work. Please don't cry, it's breaking my heart. I would sent my furry big angel to comfort you but you have that yummy husband right there already. There can't be anything wrong with that quilt.... love Sam

  6. HOLA Que tan hermoso Trabajo, que mira tenido Que mirar Mucho Las fotos, en La Primera pudiste llorar Por la Unión de los cuadros verdes? APENAS deslizado la unión. Si lo viste luego! De acolchar, ALGUNAS arruguitas Hacia la Derecha?
    En fin, no Hacerlo Debes, la mayoria de las personajes mira El Trabajo Terminado, conjunto el, Nosotros Mismos solitario nep exigimos y Detalles Los criticamos. Un abrazo, Las lágrimas seca, Todo esta bien.

    HOLA Yo trabajo tan bello, mira que tuve que mirar mucho las fotos, la primera podría llorar por la unión de las plazas verdes? sólo se deslizó el sindicato. Si usted lo vio después de acolchar, algunas arrugas a la derecha?
    En resumen, usted no debe hacer, la mayoría de la gente mira el trabajo realizado, el todo, sólo exigimos a nosotros mismos y criticar los detalles. Un abrazo, las lágrimas secas, todo está bien

  7. @Marta...I had to translate what you said and I have the general idea.

    I love what you said here: "In short, you should not do, most people look at the work done, everything, just ask of ourselves and criticize the details. A hug, the tears dry, all is well."

    That was so sweet. :o)

    @ Everyone: My tears are dry and I am feeling silly. I told you all I needed to get over myself!

    I know it's hard to tell from the pictures, but there isn't a pucker in the whole quilt. That is a first!

    The issue is on the back, but so far, no one has even come close to mentioning what I see. My hubby did find one of the issues, but couldn't find the other.

    I'm seriously thinking about spilling the beans about what had me all worked up tomorrow and leaving the give-away up for everyone who posts a comment until the time I set in the post.

    FYI: I am adding more fat quarters from my stash to the mix.

  8. First let me say that your fabrics are gorgeous! I love the pink and green combination. Secondly, we are always our own worst critics. I always see things in my quilts (or any other craft) that many others miss. I can't see really well, but is it that one of the seams is sewn over on the bottom left corner? It's hard to tell, but I have done things like that before, and even have ripped out the quilting because I caught some of the bottom or top :-S Thanks for entering me anyway :-) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fabric!

  9. Do you think the backing is slightly off kilter? Or the quilting is too wonky for such a feminine fabric. I think I would have done something more flowing and 'soft', but a quilt is a quilt and I don't think ugly quilts exist. My added two cents worth....:)

  10. Amy,
    Even as nit-picky as I can be, I can't find a thing wrong with it. I would be thrilled to have made something that looks so gorgeous. I'd be crying for joy that I pulled it off.

    Honestly, I think it's great.

  11. Well, I've looked and looked and all I see is DELIGHTFUL fabric made into a gorgeous quilt. If you don't like it, LOL, you know what I'm going to say, of course, *I* would love it. It's just LOOKS cuddly, IS IT?


  12. This is Mary.
    I wouldn't have even thought to bother turning it. NOT a flaw.

    That is adorable!


  13. I posted earlier but then the bloggenie said that my comment had not been posted. So, either this is my second attempt or my second comment. Either way, Sweetie, you made a beautiful quilt. And, you finished it!! Many times, in our search for perfection, things get put away unfinished. You finished!! Awesome!

  14. I've been taught, if they don't ask, don't tell. But, it this point I'd just love the quilt, kind of like all of us, not perfect.

  15. Hi, Amy~

    We are our WORST critics! I always find the little mistakes in my work as well. But, alas...they are BEAUTIFUL and ANYONE (and yes, that includes ME) would be BLESSED to received a quilt made by YOU!

    I think they they are BEAUTIFUL!


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