Crazy 4 Patch top is done

April 3, 2010

Late last night, thus the bad lighting. Liz is holding it up for me. 

Since this quilt never had a plan, I just dove in, the issues I see don't bother me. If I were to make this quilt again, I would plan to have the center wonky pinwheels stand out with a focal fabric. Looking at this picture, you can see the solid pink pinwheels well and the green ones you can see, though not as well as the pink. 

Here it is this morning with the pink polka dotted border added to it. For the binding, I am going to use the green polka dotted fabric. 

I am having a ton of issues getting my pictures to upload to blogger these days, so the picture of the backing I'm going to use will have to wait until later. 

Have a great Easter weekend, everyone!!


  1. Is so fun and springy! Good job! :) and happy Easter!!

  2. SWEET! Is that for YOU??? I love the green and pink.


  3. I want to keep this one. I feel so selfish, though...{sigh}

  4. I want to keep this one. I feel so selfish, though...{sigh}

  5. I think that is an adorable quilt! It looks great for an unplanned arrangement. My unplanned stuff looks, well, unplanned! I think there is nothing wrong with keeping one to reward yourself for your work.

  6. It isn't selfish to keep it if it inspires you to make more for others.
    I'm going to keep the one I make from the fabric ErinGrace sent me. I'll have to add to it some to make it bigger.
    Have I mentioned that I love your blog?



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