What's your style?

March 18, 2010

As I wander the web looking at all the talented quilters' quilts, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that everyone has their own style.

For example, I can go to a fabric store and pick out exactly what my mom would have liked. She liked Debbie Mum, country, and traditional style of quilt blocks. This picture is an example of what my mom liked. So not me by a long shot...I fully appreciate the more traditional quilts and the efforts it takes to make them. Truth be told, I am in awe of their work, it's just not me....

Here is more my style...

Crazy Mom Quilts I {heart} everything she has made! I want to be an Amy Jane/Amanda Jean.

I like brights, shabby-chic and vintage style fabrics. I have an impulsive bent in my personality. I also like to see results and see them yesterday. I am outgoing and a bit {a lot} quirky, however, I do have a quiet introspective side to my personality, as well....I like quilts with character, very untraditional, wonky, and fun...

I haven't fully decided if I will continue to do the pinwheel sampler quilt or not. I'd feel like a quitter, but truth be told...I am not having fun with them because I can't get them just right. Yes, I am a perfectionist, too, but these type of blocks require perfection, don't they? I mean, if the points don't meet in the middle, everyone knows you messed up. And everyone knows if I put a button in the middle, I am hiding the non-perfect points, right? Okay, I talked myself into doing the next one and trying again.

So, what's your style? How soon did you find your style?

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  1. Crazy Mom quilts is a lot more my style too! I love coming up with simple patterns that showcase the fun, vibrant fabrics instead of the imperfections of my points :)


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