Quilts for Kids - 2


I'm in the pin basting phase. They ask to have the quilt quilted rather heavily since it goes through rigorous washes at the hospitals. I'm thinking wonky spiral squares like I did on Zeke's quilt. 

I also need to name the quilt. Something about singing, I'm thinking. :o)


  1. Too cute! I love their little rosy cheeks!

  2. How about "A Joyful Noise"? Isn't that what children are too :) ~ErinGrace

  3. OH, you did a BEAUTIFUL job...that is nice fabric too! BRAVO!
    Do you like the plastic clips on the safety pins? I've wondered if I should get those. Sometimes I spray baste so I can get off the floor sooner.

  4. Love the plastic clips!! Google around and see if you can get a good price for them. I ended up buying more. One package isn't enough if you are pin basting a good size quilt.

    I've never tried spray basting. I want to, but the fumes scare me. Migraines, you know.

    I bought two craft tables so I can get off the floor. Besides, for some reason when I have the quilt on the floor, the pups all think it's a great place to come take a nap. Oh, brother...

  5. Hey, Amy~

    What sweet fabric you got in your quilt. It's beautiful! I just got my second one in the mail today and it's different then my first one.



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