Quilts for Kids - 2

March 19, 2010

I'm in the pin basting phase. They ask to have the quilt quilted rather heavily since it goes through rigorous washes at the hospitals. I'm thinking wonky spiral squares like I did on Zeke's quilt. 

I also need to name the quilt. Something about singing, I'm thinking. :o)


  1. Too cute! I love their little rosy cheeks!

  2. How about "A Joyful Noise"? Isn't that what children are too :) ~ErinGrace

  3. OH, you did a BEAUTIFUL job...that is nice fabric too! BRAVO!
    Do you like the plastic clips on the safety pins? I've wondered if I should get those. Sometimes I spray baste so I can get off the floor sooner.

  4. Love the plastic clips!! Google around and see if you can get a good price for them. I ended up buying more. One package isn't enough if you are pin basting a good size quilt.

    I've never tried spray basting. I want to, but the fumes scare me. Migraines, you know.

    I bought two craft tables so I can get off the floor. Besides, for some reason when I have the quilt on the floor, the pups all think it's a great place to come take a nap. Oh, brother...

  5. Hey, Amy~

    What sweet fabric you got in your quilt. It's beautiful! I just got my second one in the mail today and it's different then my first one.



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