Pinwheel Sampler quilt along...

March 11, 2010

Rachel@psiquilt, is hosting a Pinwheel quilt along and I decided now was as good as time as any to try my hand at learning how to make blocks with *horrors of horrors* triangles! They have petrified me from day one when I first decided I wanted to learn how to quilt. In fact, I had decided I would only make quilts that comprised  of rectangles and squares...But then Rachel happened. She started her Pinwheel Sampler quilt along and I fell in love with the look of the blocks she was willing to teach "me" how to make. I felt rude ignoring her invitation to join in, so yesterday I began (with much trepidation, fear and trembling) to make my first pinwheel block.

If this is the only one I learn to make, I am already impressed with myself. *wink* My fabric choice for the sampler is Nostalgia by Moda.

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