Not. One. Word.

March 24, 2010


  1. THROW IT OUT!!!! lol

    Oh, I so know what you are feeling. I have been getting these since just before my 40th birthday. You would think with no response from me after 5 years, that MAYBE I WASN'T OLD ENOUGH YET? I will fight till the very last minute I can before I will fill one of those out! lol

  2. We get them also and we're only in our 30s

  3. u isn't old enough!!!! we get them all the time....and we isn't old enough either!!

  4. Hi Amy,

    Yes, this is part of a meme. I forgot to post that info. at the bottom of the page. I'm in the process of beginning a new blog and am double posting. There were many people from my old church who had the address for my Live for the Joy blog and so I am wanting to transition to a new blog.


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